Thursday, 5 January 2012

NFC Contactless Payments And The iPhone 5

Citibank, Visa, and Google's NFC-powered Google Wallet have introduced the world to wave-and-pay systems using Near Field Communications (NFC). But, for now, the broad adoption of NFC has been limited by spotty distribution of hardware and compatible phone tech. On Tuesday, Apple could change all that by including or at least revealing plans to include NFC in its next iPhone or iPad. The company could instantly bring the system to the pocket of tens of millions of consumers around the world, and turn the mobile payments market on its head. How likely is this, now?
Apple's hinted about coming NFC with specific job postings and a growing list of patents for the tech that would reinvent how you interact with stores' cash registers or withdraw money from an ATM. Some of these patents describe using the devices' motion sensors to capture how consumer's "write" a signature with the corner of their iPhone as an alternative to a PIN during NFC payments.

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